Inn D'or 2020

14. (09:00 Uhr) bis 15. Mär 2020 (17:00 Uhr)

Zur Turnier-Übersicht

Reiseleitung: Stefan (vorläufig)

Status: InnDor - nur Warteliste. Angemeldet für Frühlingsfest Stuttgart

Spieler: 5 vs 5 (indoor); Real mixed;

Kinder: Adnan und Elise, Theresa und Elias


Real Mixed 5v5 Indoor (2 or 3 women - offence choice - Yes we still do it and outdoor season is close!)
· 12 Teams (1 or 2 Flying Circus Teams)
· 7 Games per team (~25 min)
· Party, Party, Party on Saturday 
· German (?) Indoor Pull Rules (will be explained) [we hate knife pulls]
· Registration Deadline: 19.01.2020 (we will announce the lucky teams within a week)
· Playersfee: 22€ - 27€ including: 2xBreakfast, 1xDinner, Sleeping Gym, Welcome Evening, Buffet with fair prices, Party on Saturday
· Teamfee: ~120-140€
· Welcome evening on Friday with warm food (free) and cold beer (not free)
· Separated sleeping gym
· Closing ceremony will finish Sunday between 16:00 and 17:00
· Close to the main station: 20min walk or 5min with public transport
· Like last years the tournament will be a Green Event, information will follow! b


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