Hallenluft Linz

26. (00:00 Uhr) bis 27. Feb 2022 (22:00 Uhr)

Zur Turnier-Übersicht

Status: noch nicht angemeldet!

Aus der Mail:

Moin Leude!
HallenLuft is back in bizz und nach einem Jahr Pause sind unsere Alkohlreserven wieder aufgefüllt!
Wenn ihr genau so auf Turnierentzug seid wie wir, dann meldet euch an.
Bis dahin: Bussi Baba eure Linzer

Hello peeps and fellow ultimate weirdos!
After one sad year, in which we werent allowed to host our beloved HalllenLuft tournament we are finally back - better than ever
We would be very happy to see all of you again so apply for a spot ASAP!!!11


Date: 26th and 27th of February 2022
Playmode: 5vs5 Indoor, Mixed, Continouse

Covid regulations:

Due to the current covid situation in Austria, we are unable to tell you wether the HallenLuft tournament 2022 will be seen as a mass-sports or an elite-sports-event. It is possible, that the ammount of participants might be limited. Additionally we cant tell you if there will be a party yet.

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Linz, Österreich

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