Missuldisc 2020

20. (09:00 Uhr) bis 21. Jun 2020 (17:00 Uhr)

Zur Turnier-Übersicht

Reiseleitung: Kilian


Spieler: 7 vs 7 (soft mixed, max 5 Männer auf der Line --> Max 6 Damen, Max 8 Männer);

Motto: Olympische Spiele


Sollte es mehr Teilnehmer als Plätze für dieses bei uns so beliebte Turnier geben, meldet euch trotzdem erst einmal an. Bei zu vielen Anmeldungen werden die Plätze vorzugsweise an die letztjährigen Teilnehmer und basierend auf der aktuellen Trainingsbeteiligung vergeben.



Hi gals and guys,

Im writing you to let you know that after some issues with the date and fields availability Missuldisc 2020 is finally set. It will be on 20th-21st of June 2020 and it goes like this:

We believe Ultimate Frisbee should be included in the Olympic Games. We believe in it so firmly, we’re making our own version of the Olympics at Missuldisc! 


The caveat is that Missuldisc will exclusively host activities that are actually fun. 

-Why swimming fast for 100m, when you can take your time chilling in the Como Lake and swimming at your own pace? 

-Why bother with the pole vault, when jumping and dancing at our Saturday night party has proven to be much more healthy, and a great stretch between two days of frisbee games? 

-Why running a marathon, when the world-famous Missuldisc beer race has proven to be clearly more challenging?

Come prepared to represent your team, your city, your country at the only Olympic tournament that matters

So HURRY UP if you want to compete in the most fun Olympic Games ever.

Here are the full info:

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